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Visionman Customer Testimonials

"Thank you! I picked up my computer this morning and was very pleased to discover that your technician had managed to save all the data on my hard drive. That is a big relief to me as I have lots of art and contact information for clients. Please pass along my thanks to your service department for a job very well done! I have learned from this and will now back up all my important files on CD's, which is why I wanted that rewrite drive in the first place. Thanks again! "

Dave Rush
Purchased: Desktop

Went together great. Added my hard drive, nVidia 8500 gt 512 and DVD Rom, runs all my games smooth. Case is really cool.

Vote Quimb
Purchased: Barebone

very fast and very easy to work on. Went together nicely.

Purchased: Barebone

EXCELLENT BOX! The software suite that is included with this storage device from Visionman is killer... well worth every penny I spent. I now have 1 Terabyte of storage that I am using to back up my entire office, AUTOMATICALLY! Very sweeeeeeeeet box. RAID-5 and locking hotswap. Can't beat the price. THe 2TB & 3TB versions look like a real bargin as well, but 1TB was plenty for my small office. The gigabit LAN setup makes connectivity very snappy. Thanks Visionman

Purchased: Storango 1TB System

I got this monster with windows vista loaded on it and when i unboxed it, it fired up and everything was great I'll be adding another gig or 2 to it My only issue is that one of the fans are noisey haven't looked to see which one but i think it might be the CPU fan because it keeps speeding up and slowing down – probably one of those multi-speed heat sensitive fans.

Mr C
Purchased: Desktop

"I recently purchased five servers to build into DVRs for high availability environments. I have talked to Nathan and/or Steven on three separate occasions for three separate needs. They have consistently been great communicators in the way that they listen and instruct. They have consistently surprised me with their proficiency with my situations. They quickly provided solutions to help me proceed, without rushing or interrupting me. I often call many support centers for various needs, but it's been a while since I've experienced consistent & excellent support like I have with Nathan and Steven @"

John Holoyohoy
Purchased: Servers

This blows away all other boxes on this site. Compare and save. I did. The harware in this system is far superior to the generic crap the competitors are churning out. Western Digital RAID edition drives really make a difference. The cooling system in this rig is also very impressive. Glad I didn't cut corners. This one is top notch.

Purchased: Premier Intel Tower Server

Searched high and low and this is the best price on the web. The 2GB of memory really makes Vista run smooth. This is my 2nd visionman purchase. Very nice computer.

Purchased: Desktop

Best system ever! Came with the perfect balance of speed, perforamce, and software. Love Vista Ultimate. This baby rocks -

Purchased: Desktop

I've had this machine for a few months now. No problems at all. Very fast and not as loud as some say it is. Great looking case with the lights and all. I have the 64bit OS and one program wouldn't load. I downloaded the SDK kit from microsoft and got it to work. I'm now running out of excuses for my poor online gaming. Great machine - Buy it.

Purchased: Dragonwing Gamer

We are a systems integration company and this was about the 10th server we've purchased from VisionMan. On our 2nd order, we were contacted by a personally assigned sales rep who has been very helpful ever since and has been there for the 2+ years we have been doing business. They have called us back with great tips/configuration recommendations after we have placed web orders (like recommending a more compatible RAID controller or a more economical memory option), and their support has been excellent. I used to use Dell exclusively, but I have found that Dell has gotten a little proud of their equipment lately - and I have grown tired of waiting on hold in Dell's support tree. I can usually save anywhere from 25% - 40% on a server from VisionMan and I find if you stick with the quality component manufacturers (SuperMicro, GigaByte, Intel, Adaptec, etc.), I have had even better reliability from VisionMan than I have had with Dell. Once, I tried to save some money by using on-board RAID, and installing the OS myself and I ran into some headaches, but I have never had any trouble if I chose a Visionman recommended configuration and let them install the OS.

Purchased: Server

Just got this kit. Added my DVD-RW drives, installed the OS and drivers, and it absolutely runs great. Bring on Vista!

Luke Warmwater
Purchased: Barebone

"I needed a fast, reliable computer for developing websites, and Visionman was able to give me just what I needed. I was able to customize my system, and they helped me pick the best parts with the best deals on prices. I typically run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, a couple of database connections, and multiple browser windows simultaneously and my computer has never crashed or even stalled while running. Even when I am working on high resolution graphics or large amounts of data, my computer still runs as smooth as butter. I’d like to thank Visionman for being extremely helpful and offering personal service with a professional attitude! I will definitely buy from them again!"

Josh N.
, Webmaster (JKN Media)
Purchased: High-End Workstation

This is one fast machine! I shopped online for months trying to secure a deal like this. This machine uses top of the line components and the DDR2/SATA II and 64bit memory architecure combination compliment the dual core processing to give a performance power house. You will quickly see that Visionman has paid very close attention to everything from adequate power supply to cooling and airflow.

Purchased: Dragonwing Gamer

Best bang for the buck,right out of the box fun. Beware this PC is going to make your old PC retire in disgrace. :o(

Purchased: Barebone

Awsome computer for the price greatly recomend to anyone who is looking for a good gaming computer for a cheap price.

Purchased: Barebone

A bullet proof system. This box is running several websites and backing up some pretty hefty data file feeds. Surprisingly quiet... and the best part was the price. Very affordable solution for us. Running Microsoft Windows 2003 version.

Purchased: Storage Server

"The computer that I bought was great! The sales department was a big help with the type of computer that I needed. Thanks Visionman."

Wayne Mathison
Purchased: Mid-sized tower

"Best computer that I've ever used,not only is it a fast dualcore gamer,its excellant for doing large file photo restoration.had to move it to the top of desk because its so nice to look at, and its pretty quiet too."

Purchased: v133-2962

"Called one of your techs and they solved my problem fast. thanks for the quick response. Your competition takes hours (even days to return calls). Good job guys!"


"Have had system over 2 years and it is working fine. Early on there was a memory problem but it has not appeared again for several months. I use ECC memory but do not understand why the memory went bad and then recovered. Had cause to call in and talk with post-sales support. They were polite but did not know how to deal with the memory issue. I can't blame them for that, however. They were quick to note that one year had expired since purchase so fixing it would require shipping the entire unit back to them. Could not do this because it is my life-blood. Had a problem with a cooling fan but a local store fixed it up. This was my fault because the fan chipped during an update of an additional hard drive. I will not hesitate to buy another system from these folks. Soon I need another dedicated system running Windows Server 2003 and Linux. They have a good performance deal for the money."

Dickie T. Bird
Purchased: Visionman Tower Server, Dual Xeon 2.4, etc.

"Thank you for your suggestions, our IT person was able to resolve the problem and the system is now working perfectly. Thank you for your help!"

Mary M. Vetter
Purchased: Server

"We received the quieter, Cooler Master, DK8-8132A-99, fan yesterday. Thank you so much for replacing the noisy fan. The new fan makes all the difference in the world. Very Sincerely, Lois K. Nakamura"

Lois Nakamura
Purchased: Server

"Great customization tools and pricing updates. Quick recalculation of the shipping. This is the third server I have ordered from VisionMan."

Purchased: Server

"From the day that I purchased my computer tower from Vision, my computer has worked great! This company is remarkable and is dedicated to helping their customers. Whenever I need help or can't figure out how to do something, Vision is on the phone patiently directing me in how to solve my problem. I had them ship my computer to me and it arrived safely and on time. Their products are wonderful and my life has been forever changed because of Visionman computers!"

Purchased: Computer Tower

"Process went fairly smooth, found a great looking server for a very reasonably price."

Purchased: Server

"I was looking for an AMD gamer but didn't want to fork out thousands of dollars. Visionman offers high quality at a low cost, just what I needed. Thanks Visionman."

Purchased: AMD Gamer

"High performance and reliability, small footprint and low cost are features I like and these systems have that covered in spades. Poor rails and no front USB are features I don't like and prevent me from granting an "Excellent" rating, but really are the only complaints I have. These systems are fantastic performers and I plan to purchase several more in the near future. With luck, they'll fix my two complaints by then =)"

Purchased: 1U Server

"The tower server we purchased from visionman beat out both Dell and HP in terms of product for cost. We easily doubled if not tripled the system specs over these national retailers for the same price. The system arrived perfectly packaged and assembled with all the component documentation neatly sorted. At production time the server installed perfectly and has run flawlessly since the day we purchased it. We have to keep this particular server co-located with little physical access, but that has not been a problem for this server due to its excellent performance and uptime."

Purchased: Tower Server

"Our (8 and soon to be more) 1U systems range from Celeron 2GH to dual Xenon hot swappable servers. The oldest is almost 2 years old and has outperformed my best expectations. Because the hospital system requires HP/Compaq as part of the standardization policy we cannot use as many of these Vision systems as we would like however we do buy them as test systems for the hospital applications and often they outperform and outlast the more expensive "Production" systems. I have only had one problem in two years and that was with a bad cooling fan. Vision's Technical Support handled it quickly and efficiently.


1. I am a little concerned with the heat generated and the lack of airflow as some of the "production servers have the CPU's closer to the front giving greater access to cool air flow.

2. The rails SUCK. What can I say, they are expensive yet they fall apart and are virtually useless. It is only slightly better using these rails than bolting them directly into the racks.

I did use some old Compaq rails when the last server's rails fell apart during installation and the Compaq rails fit like a champ and work wonderfully.

I just tried some similar low end 1U systems from Cybertron and they totally BLOW... They are the worst designed and engineered 1U systems I have ever laid my eyes on. I sent them back and it would take pages of typing to tell you all what is wrong with them. I will just stay with these Vision Computers baby's."

Ted L. Abbott
Purchased: 8 - 1U servers and counting

"Normally I resell my own systems, but after fishing around the net I bumped into this machine. Gave it a whirl and put it through the steps, and all I can say is wow! This is one of the best gaming machines I've ever used, and it beats the tar out of anyone else for price. Will definantly buy more of these."

Purchased: AMD Dual Core Gamer