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Prospector 1300 1.1TH/s Visionman 28nm ASIC Bircoin Mining Rig
Item #: VBTC-P1300
Availability: Ships within 3-5 Days
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Visionman Prospector

Visionman Prospector 1300 

Visionman's all new 28 nano-meter ASIC technology is available now!

The Visionman Prospector 1300 Bitcoin Mining System hashes at a blindingly fast rate of 1.1 TH/s, that's over six-times the speed of our previous generation miner.  In the great Prospector tradition, the Model 1300 is designed to run stand-alone, just plug it into your network switch, point your computer to the Prospector's IP address to configure your mining pool information and you are mining with one of the fastest machines on the planet.

In addition to Bitcoin, the Prospector 1300 will mine other SHA256 coins like Terracoin, Tigercoin and more! 

Exceptional Quality, Personal Service 

These units are available now! We will never take deposits from you and make you wait for our batches to arrive while you agonize over missed mining days. We are not that company. Visionman has been manufacturing computers and servers for the better part of two decades and is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Silicon Valley.  We have systems in stock in three locations:  Santa Clara, CA USA, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.



  • 1.1Th/s (terrahash per second) Bitcoin Mining System
  • 1400 Watt Power Supply
  • Operates at 110v or 220v
  • Current: 7A at 220v/14A at 110v **220v recommended for stability**
  • 3 ASIC mining blades
  • 28nm ASIC-based solution
  • Designed for Stand Alone operation
  • built-in controller board running special Linux kernel
  • Embedded CGminer Utility, just enter the Prospector's IP address into your web browser to configure the system
  • Dimensions: 17" x 6.25" x 17"
  • Weight: 17kg/37.5lbs

Shipping and Warranty Info

  • Shipping from the USA
  • Due to the highly-specialized nature of these machines, they are non-cancellable and non-returnable.
  • Visionman provides a one year parts and labor warranty from Santa Clara for these machines.

 Visionman Computer Systems For over 15 Years, Visionman has been providing homes, offices, and enterprises with the technology needed to stay ahead of the competition. Let us show you how we can solve your IT needs! Our company has one of the lowest hardware failure rates in the industry, and if the unthinkable should ever happen, we are always here to support you! Here at Visionman, we won't leave you hanging in the dark! Ever need to change the specs on your server? Add an additional CPU? More memory? Bigger hard drives? Not a problem! Just ask your salesperson and we can customize any aspect of this system you desire!